Flashover – In Progress

Book 1 of The Twin Game series

Seventeen-year-old witch Adriana Dobre doesn’t have time for right and wrong. She’s busy. Busy molding her morally-superior boyfriend into the youngest Premier in history. Busy keeping her twin sister alive despite her compulsive desire to die. Busy climbing to the top of the Most Wanted List.

Thanks to one semi-unfortunate incident involving a Royal Guard and a well-placed dagger, she’s within reach of all of her goals. That is, until she lets what’s left of her humanity get in the way of her common sense.

On the wrong side of both the worlds she’s straddling, Adriana is forced to choose between the life laid out for her and the life she’s created for herself.

She’s always known something would have to give. She just didn’t know it would happen like this.